General Information

All prices are per linear foot, unless otherwise noted. There is a six (6) foot minimum charge per frame and a 15% surcharge on frames 16 to 20 linear feet. A minimum surcharge of 30% will be added to frames larger than 20 linear feet. Prices are shown at wholesale.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Wholesale pricing is available to the trade only.

Sales Tax - Customer is responsible to provide Allman Picture Frame with all relevant re-sale tax numbers.

Orders - All orders require a 50% deposit before work is started, with the balance due upon delivery. Rush orders are subject to a 20% surcharge. Most orders are shipped within 4 weeks from receipt of deposit. Additional production time may be necessary for frames with special or unique design features requested by the customer. Occasionally an ordered moulding may be out of stock. In this case, the customer will be notified of this as soon as possible and an estimated production time will be provided.

Shipping - All shipments will be made via FedEx, as size allows. Parcels that exceed FedEx regulations will be sent common carrier, unless requested to do otherwise. Customer may request alternative carriers as well as delivery options. (Next Day, 2nd Day etc)

Packing and crating charges are added to the frame invoice unless freight charges are unavailable at the time of shipping. Special or custom crating may incur additional expense. It is our goal to provide you with the best possible pricing for crates. As such, our standard crate consists of a wood box, with corrugated cardboard on the top and bottom of the crate. Plywood may be substituted for cardboard at the customer's request. Customer may also request additional depth or other measurements if the crate is to be used to additionally forward the frame and artwork. Multiple frames of similar size may be packaged in a single crate in order to reduce costs. Individual crates can be made at your request. Cartage by private shipping companies must be paid for by the customer.

Claims for damages during transit (if any) must be directed to the shipping firm, by the customer. Allman Picture Frame does not assume any liability for items once they have been accepted by the shipping company. Upon request, shipping insurance can be added. (Note: Most carriers have maximum insurance amounts which may not cover entire contents.)

Moulding Numbers
- All of our moulding samples are coded to facilitate ordering and help more easily identify frame styles. The codes identify the style and width as well as other information. For example: An AM 434 IMP DA, describes an AM (American style frame) 434 (4 �" wide) IMP (Impressionist style) DA (carve, or other descriptive detail) Finishes - We take great pride in our aesthetic sensibilities, and in helping customers choose the right frame for their works, and offer our selection consultations at no charge.

All of our frames are custom built to order, and are carved and hand finished by our expert artisans using time honored materials, techniques and methods. We also employ many of our own techniques to enhance and improve the quality and aesthetic of our frames as well.

We utilize the finest Italian and German Genuine Gold Leaf in 22k, 16k and12k gold. (other colors available upon request) These are water gilded and burnished over red, black, or yellow clays. (additional colors are available upon request) Each moulding receives a "standard" finish according to its style which is specifically designed to promote the inherent aesthetic of that particular moulding. Custom patinas, distressing and other finishes may be applied upon request. (Additional costs may be incurred)

Allman Picture Frame also offers the majority of its frame styles in imitation gold leaf. (Gold Metal Leaf, (GML) in both gold and silver) Each metal leaf frame is meticulously crafted to the very highest standard. Our metal leaf is finished in a deep, lustrous, rich finish that we believe is unequaled in the industry. Allman Picture Frame approaches and finishes metal leaf as a separate, unique product with the intent of maximizing its particular qualities. We believe that our metal leaf stands alone as an exceptional product, and may frequently be selected in place of genuine gold.

At Allman Picture Frame we are not restrained by history or tradition, simply for the purpose of re-creating. We do however, borrow from history. Choosing time proven techniques and design cues we admire and incorporating them into our product line in order to create frames of substance and enduring significance. We design our styles and finishes using many of the same principles that govern the creation of fine art. Color, design, temperature, texture, warm, and cool.

At Allman Picture Frame, we are dedicated to providing the finest quality picture frames at competitive prices.
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