Founder Curt Allman, began his picture framing career with his father Monte in 1984 as co-founder of Allman-Ricks Picture Frames. 10 years later he started a small shop specializing in high quality individual frames for a handful of successful artists, collectors and museums.

During this period he also owned and operated art galleries in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Park City, Utah, representing nationally known artists such as Richard Schmid, Clyde Aspevig, Michael Coleman, George Carlson, David Leffel, Ovanes Berberian, Thomas W. Jones and Henry Casselli, to name a few.

This uncommon blend of fine art dealer and picture framer offered a unique opportunity to gain insight into the artist’s needs. It also afforded the chance to gain a distinct perspective on the sensitive and aesthetic nature of framing original works of art.

In 2006, Curt, along with his son Dustin, founded Allman Picture Frame with the goal of manufacturing the highest quality frames for artists, collectors and museums and to hopefully have them enjoyed for generations.

Today, we endeavor to carry on the tradition of fine frame making by respecting and honoring the master framer’s of the past, while continually striving to create current, highest quality frames of lasting value for today’s frame connoisseur.

We operate on the premise that a frame should be an aesthetic extension of the artist's vision. In fact, we base our designs and finishes on many of the same principles artists use in the creation of their art including composition, color, values, design, soft and hard edges, thanks Richard, as well as depth of finish and luminosity.

We recognize that skill in finishing and design, along with innovation are requisite in creating appropriate frames for today’s artists and collectors. Whether you need a historic replica, or an original interpretation, Allman Picture Frame offers you a quality, well considered custom frame, finished for your individual work of art.

Our ultimate objective is to produce the finest quality picture frames that are at once sensitive to the subject and fulfill the artist’s intention.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Curt Allman

Dustin Allman


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